1:1 Coaching

Encouragement, Accountability, Personal Development

Women going through life challenges need support.

Very often, they need professional help but cannot afford it.

The Center for Help and Hope creates an opportunity for women from low/middle income families to receive professional coaching services at a fraction of the usual cost.

Coaching is a well-established and highly successful process that helps people discover insightful truths about themselves, work through fears and blocks, learn new coping skills for managing life’s daily stressors, establish and meet goals, make positive change, and transform their lives.

With the help and support of their coach, women in our service community are supported and guided as they navigate toward a more engaged, happy, and compelling future.

Use the Contact page and send an email to request a free consultation with a coach.

Educational Resources

The Center for Help & Hope provides educational resources to our service community.

Some of these resources are available with direct access via our website such as recommended books, articles, podcasts, etc.

Many resources are provided in conjunction with the one-on-one coaching services.

We are very excited to be partnering with one of our long-time coaches to launch a new resource in 2022! This resource will be available in the form of a digital course on the topic of recovering from grief and loss.

Stay tuned for more details