With your donation, The Center for Help & Hope is able to provide educational resources and professional coaching services to women going through life’s most difficult challenges: separation, divorce, parenting, career transitions, health issues, finding purpose, and coping with loss.

With the support, encouragement, and guidance of a professional coach, the women in our service population are able to gain clarity and confidence, establish and achieve goals, and turn their trials into triumph.

As a result, these women are then able to provide stable, secure, healthy, and happy homes for their families.

Creating more and more healthy and happy homes is how we change neighborhoods, schools, communities, and the world!

All of this amazing change starts when a woman in need gets the support and help she needs not only to function but flourish even in the most difficult circumstances.

Change lives and change the world … that sounds pretty good right? Click the button below to jump in and do your part!