Welcome to The Center for Help & Hope!

A place where you can …


    • Be a hero to people carrying heavy burdens.
    • Pay it forward … You don’t have a lot but you want to do your part.
    • Make the world a better place by supporting women and families in need.


    You probably feel bogged down by never-ending to do lists and bills to pay because … who doesn’t? But even so, you wonder what you can do to help the hurting people who cross your path each day.

    I believe everyone can afford to give something and a

    small amount can make a big difference.

    What women we’ve helped are saying …

    “This past year was filled with unexpected changes and challenges. Meeting with my coach really helped me navigate through the rough parts in my life. I’ve grown both personally and professionally with Jennifer’s help. I’m excited to keep working with her, and discovering myself!” ~Gabriella

    “Since working with my coach I have learned communication skills, extended planning skills, coping with faults, failures, stress/anxiety, coping with plans changing, and setting doable goals to achieve maximum success. Also … above all, my coach is the best listener and confidence builder. She reinforced my feelings and reasoning and supported me in where I wanted to go and why I wanted to do it!” ~Kayla

    “Before I worked with my coach I had anxiety, body issues, lots of worrying, and a poor relationship with my father. Since working with Jennifer, I stress less and I love myself more.” ~Courteney

    Imagine …


    • … the relief of referring your best friend knowing she will have access to professional yet affordable help to cope with her divorce.


    • … the comfort you can provide to a family facing a tragic loss by giving them a direct link to resources to help them navigate their grief journey.


    • … the deep sense of satisfaction you will feel when you give to a cause you KNOW is saving and transforming lives.

    When you join The Center for Help & Hope community, you’ll discover a sense of peace and purpose knowing your contributions are stewarded carefully and put to work directly to change the lives of women in need.

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    Hello! I’m Jennifer, Founder and CEO.

    I am a born helper. I want to help people I know and random strangers too. Through my experience of divorce, the loss of a child, and single parenting, I gained deep insight into the needs of women going through major life transitions.


    One night at 2:00am, the pieces came together … my helping nature and my life lessons were supposed to add up to more than random acts of kindness. I needed to DO MORE to support women as they journeyed through life’s challenges. I left my job as a CFO, became a certified life coach, and founded a non-profit organization to make professional coaching services available to women without financial resources.


    That strong urge to help, to “do more” … it is a calling. But you don’t have to quit your job to have an impact. Everyone can afford to give something. What you think is small can make a BIG difference in helping women turn their trials into triumph. When you hear the voice inside you saying you need to do something, DO IT. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction knowing you are changing lives and making a difference.

    If you have a friend or family member in need, with their permission, refer them here.

    “With my coach’s help, I’ve learned how to cope with decades of verbal abuse and to look positively into my future. I’ve learned how to set boundaries with my spouse and keep them, so I can stay hopeful for my marriage and future. I’ve learned to open my mind and heart to greatness happening in my life and in my family’s life.”         ~Kathy M


    “My experience with Jenn has been amazing!  She creates an environment where it’s easy to freely express your thoughts and insecurities. I sought help about an issue that had been weighing on me for some time, and I’m so glad I did.  She was able to help me clear my thoughts and create a path for success! I never felt judged, only encouraged and enlightened. If you have any issues you are dealing with, whether it be in life, relationships, business, or personal, I encourage you to reach out. You have very little to lose, but so much to gain!”       ~Sean C.  

    If you have an inspiring story to share or a question about a life challenge you are facing, please send me an email. I would LOVE to hear from you!

    Hello I'm Jennifer! When you join our community you will discover a sense of peace and purpose knowing your contributions are stewarded carefully and put to work directly to change the lives of women and families in need.