Mission Statement

The Center for Help and Hope is a non-profit corporation organized to support women going through major life challenges and transitions: separation, divorce, parenting, being a single mom, coping with loss, and finding purpose.


You know how sometimes in life, good things can come from bad things and pain can bring new purpose? That’s my story and the story of how The Center for Help & Hope came to be.

Hello! I’m Jennifer and I am the founder and CEO of The Center for Help & Hope. This journey began in 2003 when my son Jackson died. He was 3 months old; the cause was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which essentially means “We have no idea why this seemingly healthy baby died.”

Jackson Fulton Hacker 3/7/2003 – 6/3/2003

After my son’s death I stayed very busy, just trying to survive. I had two subsequent children and I worked a full-time job as CFO of a construction company. In 2008 my husband and I separated and were divorced.

For many years I had to put my grief on the back burner. I went to work and raised my kids and did the best I could.

As my kids got older, I began thinking about establishing a non-profit organization to help women, women like me, those dealing with separation, divorce, being a single parent, and coping with loss.

TOO many women I know have had to go through the most difficult times in their lives without any support whatsoever. That’s not to say my family and friends were not there for me. They absolutely were in every capacity they could be!

But friends and family have their own busy lives. And also, they are not equipped to take on the job of helping another person work through a major life event.

Another factor in women not getting the help they need is money. One counseling/coaching session costs $100 – $150. That’s a lot of money and it’s more than most women have available to them, especially on a regular basis.

So my big idea was to start a non-profit organization to give individual support and help to women going through life’s most difficult transitions.

I did a whole lot of research and paperwork and in the summer of 2015, The Center for Help and Hope, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was officially established.

I quickly realized I needed more than just life experience to fully and effectively support the women who would come to The Center for Help & Hope for assistance.

I did a whole lot of research, yes this is a pattern with me,  🙂 and I came upon the profession of life coaching. I’d heard of it before but didn’t really know what it was.

In my research I learned there are many types of coaches and schools out there. Some of them are pretty “Mickey Mouse” … where you can get your certificate after 6 hours of online instruction.

Photo by the amazing Sean Carranza

In 2016, I found the right program. I traveled to California to attend an intensive life coaching course at The Life Purpose Institute. I wasn’t there to find my life purpose … but yep, that’s what happened.

I realized I am on this earth to help people learn and grow through life’s challenges and come out on the other side with clarity and confidence, ready to embrace and enjoy life again.

As a certified life coach, I am trained in well-established and highly successful processes to help people discover insightful truths about themselves and others, work through fears and blocks, establish and meet goals, make positive changes, and transform their lives!

In order to make services available to women from low-to-moderate income homes, I must spend a significant portion of my time fundraising. If you feel called to donate, thank you, thank you! Donate now and donate often so I can spend more time coaching and helping women 🙂 The changes I see taking place are amazing and inspiring. Your donations are changing lives, families, and communities!

If you are reading this and you are in need of support, please contact me for a free consultation – [email protected]

I would be blessed and honored to participate in your journey as you discover this vital truth:

Your broken and restored self is more beautiful than your original self.