Welcome to The Center for Help and Hope

A place where you can . . .

  • Be a hero to people carrying heavy burdens.
  • Pay it forward… You don’t have a lot but you want to do your part.
  • Make the world a better place by supporting women and families in need.

Even though you feel bogged down by never-ending To Do Lists and bills to pay . . . 

You wonder what you can do to help the hurting people who cross your path each day.

Everyone can afford to give something. Small amounts, when added together, can make a BIG difference.

What our donors are saying :

I come from a single parent home. I was inspired to donate because this organization supports families like mine. The services they provide give women hope and make their dreams come alive. I feel so good donating to this organization because I know am making a difference in the world.

Elsa C.

The Center for Help and Hope helps women who don’t have the emotional support they need in times of crisis. This organization helped me and I wanted to give back. I got support when I needed it most and I really appreciated knowing everything was confidential. This organization is so important to the community because they provide a service that is generally not affordable to women in need.

april g.

Imagine for a moment 

  • The relief of being able to refer your friends and family to an organization that will provide professional yet affordable help to cope with major life challenges.
  • The comfort you can provide to a family facing a tragic loss by giving them a direct link to resources who will help them navigate their grief journey.
  • The deep sense of satisfaction that comes from giving to a cause you KNOW is transforming lives.

I'm Jennifer, Founder and CEO.

Through my experience of divorce, the loss of a child, and single parenting, I gained deep insight into the needs of women going through major life transitions.

I worked 20+ years as a CFO/CEO and I loved my business career. But I felt called to DO MORE to support women as they faced major life challenges and doing it completely alone. I quit my corporate job  and founded The Center for Help and Hope to make professional coaching services available to women without sufficient financial resources.

That strong urge to help, to “do more” … it is a calling. But you don’t have to quit your job to have an impact. Everyone can afford to give something. What you may think is small can make a BIG difference in helping women turn their trials into triumph. 

Testimonials from our service community  


I have come to think of my coach as ‘my light.’ Her support and guidance have given me such a different outlook on life and how to handle difficult situations. Without her help I would still be in the same pain I was in for so many years. Now I have peace of mind and heart. I'm so grateful and thankful. She literally saved my life.

Sean C.

My experience with my coach has been amazing!  She creates an environment where it’s easy to freely express your thoughts and insecurities. I sought help about an issue that had been weighing on me for some time, and I’m so glad I did.  She was able to help me clear my thoughts and create a path for success! I never felt judged when talking with her, only encouraged and enlightened.

People who give will never be poor.

Anne Frank